Local Law No. #1 of the Year 2017 - Sewer Rents to Rise

Town of VESTAL, NEW YORK        
Local Law No. #1 of the Year 2017

“A Local Law Amending Sewer Rents in the Town of Vestal”

Be it enacted by the  TOWN BOARD  of the Town of VESTALas follows:      

Section 1.   Chapter 18, Article V of the Code of the Town of Vestal is hereby amended to provide as follows:          

(b) Sec.18-202(b) (1) Imposition and Computation is amended by deleting “…five dollars and thirty cents ($5.30)…” and inserting in its place “five dollars and seventy cents ($5.70)” and further amended by deleting “…fifty three dollars ($53.00)…” and inserting in its place “fifty seven dollars ($57.00)”.
(c) Sec. 18-202(b)(4) is amended  by deleting: “….$5.00 per account”  and inserting in its place “….$7.00 per account”  

Section 2.    Any other Local Law, ordinance or resolution inconsistent herewith is hereby repealed.

Section 3.    This Local Law shall take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State in accordance with Section 27 of the Municipal Home Rule Law.

Date of Adoption of Local Law:        February 15, 2017       R045-17